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Shoreline Lacrosse continues to be committed to providing athletes elite level club teams, clinics, training, recruiting, and other growth opportunities. Our app was built to expand our capabilities by allowing teams to communicate, organize, and train more efficiently on a virtual platform.


Skills Training

Custom skill workouts for passing, shooting, dodging, defending, and goalkeeping right to our athletes' phones. Athletes receive the workouts - watch the video, perform, and record their results in real time and are able to track their improvement.

Education & Review

Provide athletes and coaches with educational materials, set breakdowns, and film review.


Coaches, parents, and athletes all see workouts, practices, events, and games on MaxOne’s calendar - and can even sync them to their own calendar - taking the guesswork out of scheduling.

Strength Training

Lacrosse specific strength programs - simplifying the tracking of workouts by delivering them right to your athlete’s phones. Athletes get key points on technique as they perform and record their results in real time.


Drill histories and Live Leaderboards allow athletes to track their performance, monitor improvement over time, and see how they stack up relative to their teammates. Competition creates motivation and drives results.


Messaging with options of push notifications, text, and email both athletes and parents to deliver the messages right to their phones.

"In order for the athlete to reach their full potential, they need to show up everyday. Our goal is to promote 2–3 days of virtual skill development, and 1 day of education based training content (learning new offense, film breakdown, etc.) in addition to in-person training."
Nate Wheeler
Director of Operations & Digital Media

On-Demand Virtual Lacrosse Training

Take your training to the next level! Learn the proper technique and function of many skills imperative to the game of lacrosse in order to train more efficiently.

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