SportsRecruits is a college recruiting website that was built out of the necessity for a way to streamline the recruiting process in an organized and efficient way. This platform offers student-athletes a suite of online tools that they can utilize to easily connect with college programs, and pursue their dream of playing college lacrosse.

Very similar to LinkedIn, SportsRecruits serves as a platform on which high school athletes can market themselves to college coaches. Their profile acts as a centralized resumé of all the athletic, academic, and personal information a coach would need in order to evaluate them, including recruiting video. Having all of your relevant recruiting information consolidated in one place helps you stay organized.


Unlimited Video for Our Athletes

  • Student-athletes can put as much video as they would like on their profile.
  • We support video from Hudl, YouTube, Krossover, Vimeo and more.
  • Student-athletes can build and publish highlight reels right from SportsRecruits or work with our post-production team to build a professional reel.

Every college (and coach) on one platform.

  • A tracking feature to know which coaches are interacting with your recruiting information, providing you with the transparency you are looking for!

  • Profile analytics to help you digest and set realistic recruiting goals

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