College Recruiting

Helpful Links for Prospect Day and Showcase Information:

  • Link to Upcoming Prospect Days: Click Here
    • Prospect Days:
      • Prospect Days are recruiting events held on the campus of D1, D2 and D3 schools. These are smaller and more intimate settings where players have the full attention of the entire college coaching staff.  Generally players are put through a college practice session that includes drills and game play.
  • Link to Upcoming Showcases: Click Here
    • Showcases:
      • Showcases are recruiting events where players “showcase” their individual talents D1, D2 and D3 lacrosse coaches. Players are broken into teams and there are several games over the course of a day to allow the coaches to evaluate each player. Showcases are an excellent opportunity for individuals to get exposure to multiple college coaches in a single setting.

Recruiting Platform Overview:

(The most Comprehensive Club Lacrosse College Recruiting Platform Around)!

At Shoreline Lacrosse we believe that it is our obligation as an organization to fully advise, educate, and provide our members with the strategic tools needed to navigate and effectively understand the recruiting Landscape. Our propriety Recruiting Platform led by our Recruiting Director and former College Coach Kevin Frank allows all of our members to execute their tailored recruiting blueprint at the highest level! 


    • Unlimited Advocating Service:
      • At Shoreline our Recruiting Director and Staff have a vast amount of College Lacrosse Coach connections and relationships across all three Divisions in Men’s and Women’s College Lacrosse. Our Director of Recruiting Coach Frank and Founder Adam Rand will communicate throughout the year with college coaches that our players are interested in allowing our athletes to gain the information and guidance needed on ways to gain exposure from specific schools of interest.
      • Our staff is communicating with college coaches Daily and Weekly to ensure the commitment process is complete as well as lines of communication are opened up for our players interested in playing Lacrosse at the Collegiate level.

SportsRecruits Guide


Build An Online Presence
College coaches expect instant access to your information and video. This chapter zeros in on what commands a college coach’s attention.
Contacting Coaches
Learn how to start and hold a conversation with any college coach. And do it. Discover how to put your game directly in front of every college coach you wish would attend your games, and then get them there. Master the ability to quickly and easily gauge college coach interest. And apply that insight to your advantage.
How Recruiting Works
See recruiting from a college coach’s perspective. Understand how the recruiting world works, and your role within it.
College Preparation
It may be hard to make sense of this now, but the college decision is about way more than athletics. This chapter focuses on best practices for setting yourself up for success in high school and beyond. We hope this chapter empowers you to pursue your dreams.
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