K-3 Academy Clinics

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K-3 Academy Lacrosse Training Clinics

Open to:

Boys & Girls

  • Kindergarten – 3rd Grade   [Graduation Years 2036-2033]

  • All experience levels including those new to the game! 

6 Sessions (ability to register for all six sessions or individually)

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Wednesdays from 6 pm-7 pm


"practice puts brains in your muscles"

Sam Snead

Program Overview:

The CT-Sharks Summer Sessions (K-3 Academy Lacrosse Training) is a fun clinic series offered each season. It allows Boys and Girls entering Kindergarten- 3rd Grade the opportunity to enhance their overall skill sets during each training session!

Our CT-Sharks Summer Sessions (K-3 Academy Lacrosse Training) Program focuses on coaching and teaching the “fundamental” skills of the game of lacrosse the correct way. The program’s mission is to develop our athletes’ true fundamentals, allowing players to enhance their knowledge of the game while being part of a fun, positive, and informative environment! 


**We have strategically developed a proven fundamental skill-focused training format that allows for all clinic sessions to be independent of each other. This will provide you with the ability to pick and choose the sessions that you would like to have your athlete attend!

  • It is our vision at Shoreline Lacrosse to create an opportunity for the youngest athletes, new and experienced in the region, to have the ability to train and enhance their skills throughout the year! There will be over 30 training sessions available for athletes to join throughout the year, allowing players of all experience levels and new to the game to keep their sticks in their hands and train throughout the year! 
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